Anxiety’s “I”

  Anxiety. It compels fear doubt self-loathing It commands conscious exercises of humility; notes, lists, ‘to-do’s’ It deceives by making one believe that its rituals are for the best– it’s the devil speaking do not let him take the driver’s seat and whisk you off into the abyss– fight through it.

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The Quest For Meaning

Making Meaning Out of Thin-Planet-Earth-Air Ever since I can remember, I’ve been searching for meaning. Meaning of what–I can’t quite say. Just something. And if you think about it, everyone is searching for meaning in their own way. We as human beings are scared to death at the thought that perhaps, it all actually doesn’t mean […]

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And here it ends this devil that is anxiety done with the notes they can go retrieve their coats they’re no longer welcome it came for me and I let it though now I regret it when you let it hit it grips with the tightest fist so tight you forget how to feel right […]

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Assorted Misc. Writing-Findings, 2016?

Why People Like Me I am– kindhearted, dynamic, energetic, fun witty, adventurous, humble, loyal when I’m happy–everyone’s happy down to earth, righteous, voracious, fair interesting, compelling, daring, inspiring despite my faults there’s a lot of good in there that other good can see. I am a better person now than ever before– more confident more […]

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