Universal Themes Are Everywhere…

Take the literary canon for example; the canon is the canon because they deal with universal themes that transcend the human condition. These themes-love, greed, envy, lust, wrath, injustice-transcend generations because the themes themselves command justification through the human experience. People experience love, feel envy, suffer injustice-and validate the literary word which vouches for the belief that these experiences do not happen for no reason. That one’s experiences have been experienced by one before, that one’s beliefs and thereby actions are justified by a foundation of experiential knowledge. Books echo experiences-either had or known through communal knowledge-and become books because of man’s motivation for validation, either internal or external. One might write from experience for the sake of catharsis, while another may write about a fictionalized experience in order to validate one’s own internal fantasies, beliefs. Books long to be experienced, interpreted, remembered.

*A process which begins with the idea of one, and is expanded upon by an other, then challenged by one again.
*In that vein, how about the ugly of communal knowledge? There are those who will disagree for the sake of disagreeing. Those who will remain steadfast, stubborn in their own ways-of-knowing-knowledge-and these will misuse the community for the sake of self-knowledge-validation.

*So how can humanity tackle this slippery slope-the knowing process-if there is no way to avoid colliding the ‘good’ with the ‘ugly?’

*The knowing process provokes the knowing process…

*By viewing knowledge through the lens of the knowing-process, by elevating the importance of the act of assembling knowledge above the product of the act itself, ‘knowledge’ can be interpreted as THE one true ‘never-ending story,’the cycle which keeps the world spinning and sailboats sailing to there-and-back-again.

*Perhaps the key to unearthing what ‘knowing’ truly is can be found in understanding what ‘knowing’ truly is not…

*And thus, some of us know that we don’t know, others know that we can’t know, and a couple know that we shouldn’t know, and yet still we chase, strive, discover, experiment, hypothesize. Is it the notion of interconnectivity-that knowledge is the key to the mysteries of the universe, of consciousness, of reality?

…Is it that knowledge bonds us together as a species, a communal goblet of which we all drink from to quench the unquenchable, a tradition of sharing that perpetuates humanity? What would become of us if the knowledge process quit suddenly, vacationed for a week in Curacao…and what would Atlas have to say? The connections between ‘knowledge’ and ‘man’ deserve further exploration, and just as one once asked, “is the world flat-or is the world round?” Hence, just look at what we’ve since found…


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