Rings That Sprout Wings

As a youth mother used to sternly warn

Me to someday find an honest partner to frantically cling,
Like some pathetic parasitic flea,
With my everything, and dare not dishonor vows in matrimony sworn.
Lest someday I stumble upon one those infamous rings that are known to sprout wings,
Rings that one day decide to up and leave despite a dear twin’s frantic plea,
Regretfully I took this warning for legend- until the lottery of Fate decided I must learn,
Fate’s laughter echoing with such zealous zing,
Reduced me to my very being like a doomed mouse sniffing that treacherous cheese,
Nightmares haunt and spite me and prevail over sweet dreams I yearn for without avail.

One day, this ring began dragging the other through an emotional thicket of thorns,
Hourglass sands gasped as the other stole away from the union quick as a bee sting,
Tarnished gold pining impatiently to again be free,
Dashed hopes for a love that was never born,
The other hopelessly waits for fate to come and sing,
Beckoning the other near as They wait patiently in nearby trees,
No point in waiting for love to breathe twice then become stillborn.
Twin implores the other to hold out until the advent of spring,
The other hesitates as They clap their hands with anxious glee,
Two paths appear and with apologies to Frost who will surely mourn,
The other chooses the heavily trodden path clinging to life by a string,
Defiance invigorating tarnished gold with irrevocable speed,
The path clears and reveals They who patiently wait like lost puppies forlorn,
The other hovers around Them for the arrival of the promised set of wings,
Betraying cackles akin to a pack of banshees,
The other now stood wistfully pining for the very thing it so cruelly had torn,
Fond memories of the first encounter shared upon a rusty old swing,
The twin now did not seem so hard to please,
Dancing in a circle They made the other realize past thoughts once scorned,
Retracing regretful steps to that doorstep giving it’s pride a final wring,
Promising the twin never again to leave,
Happiness now clearly would once again adorn,
Hence came a love stronger than diamonds fit for kings,
Here in our abode where love had finally been born,
So look out old friend and carefully scan the sea before claiming your future ring,
Not all tarnished rings turn out lucky like me,
Listen to legends past that sternly warn,
Against those infamous rings that betray irresistible inclinations to wings,
Warnings now told to my grandchildren I often beseech,
Hopeful that someday the growth of wings shall cease and rings wallow in a love so pure, that humanity will at last have found an everlasting cure.


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