If You Ever Need a Confidence Boost…Here it is

It is 2:24 PM, Tuesday, September 6th. Do you know where She is?

She’s currently stumped over the bar-counter-Somewhere, Sometown, Earth

–and recently cut-off.

Bar tab: 5 Jack and Cokes, 6 Fireball shots, 1 Jose Cuervo tequila shot,
2 broken tumblers.

Where are you on a Tuesday?
Well not here–
She came alone, She saw alone, conquered–alone–
the glorious Jack and company
dissolved within a whirlpool
of pipe-hype-fueled dreams

So we are already winning the chess game…
Humanity: 1
Devolution: 0

Where is She on a Wednesday?
dress red-tight-fishnets-heels-shoulders-legs-display
Casino, Anytown, USA
Knees bend
Necks crane
Wallets wane
–Beauty fades.
Humanity: 0
Devolution: 1

Enter: She, early 30’s
Normal: engagement, marriage, birth announcements, bridal showers, floral-dining-table-centerpieces
Socialite-closing-curtain: bachelorette-party-organizing, empty-voicemail-box, gift registries, singles’ table, more gift registries, photograph-Xmas-cards, yes-I’m-on-the-list-I-know…be right back with your martini/no ID

But there will always be the younger and prettier face
behind the line patiently in wait
to swipe your-once-upon-a-time VIP slot
to giggle/blush
…to be the younger and prettier and better YOU.

So She enjoys the floor
but even She will know the fallacy of forever
in a harsher way than most.

She is the bane
the dichotomy of beauty
the terrible
the pleasurable
the inevitable

She is beauty in action
the very embodiment of the term
–opportunities earned
consequences had/un-had,
all of which in the end, decidedly unheard.

to be beauty
pure and unadulterated
is the ultimate double-edged-sword
a walking, sashaying, Greek-esq paradox
the best of the best
until Fate collides
when said beauty is crippled
to rest.

So if you have something–anything–of substance
a sense of self
take comfort
you are aiding in the communal effort
preservation of the species.
She represents what lurks within all of us

same as the Frankenstein, the Mr. Hyde
permeating this horrorshow of creation

and no-one is above

the inevitability of man’s fallibility.




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