Remember how it all began,

Dust off and try on the gray Nike’s that once daily slapped the sidewalks of Manhattan,

Holding tight the cherub’s frame despite cacophonous howls delivered with startling might,

Eyes red with defeat scheme their way through rush crowd squinting out an answer to the plight,

Waiting round the winding block the savior bids them hark,

Telltale laughter born of innocence resounds welcoming them all into Dyckman Park.
Wistful clouds beckoning and winking whilst shifting and shrinking,

Chubby stockings reaching for temptation, in spite of brand new mary jane’s frantically flinging

Smack into the cloud clique whence mary jane demands a polish and new beginning,

Triumph fleeting and spat back with myriad of fresh scuffs impossible to buff,

The cherub flailed her legs again toward the clouds-frustrated by this unexpected rebuff,

She pined to play patty-cake with them among their soft pillows of fluff- she wasn’t enough?
Hot tears welling and threatening to spark a vicious fight,

Father on the right observing quickly, winds up the swing to invoke that innate cherub delight,

Mother on the left twirls those chocolate curls, explaining that every cloud houses a unique face,

A long time from now you will be granted access to a cloud of your very own in that better place,

The cherub turned left to mother then right to father both pushing the swing she grips tight,

Both mother and father smile at one another, as father proposes they grab a bite,

Planting her feet, the cherub steals one last peek toward the clouds beginning to shut their doors,

She leapt down and flung her arms to each side round both their waists as she should’ve before,
Hand in hand the trio walked, until to unanimous shock the clouds receded leaving the sun alone,

Sweat beads felt great as they went on further and upon reaching their destination the cherub

proudly announced- look, we’re finally here- we’re home.


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