The Conduit

To be a conduit with distinction
is the willing extinction
of the self as self knows it

I asked for a sign
and now said sign
has driven
the stake
upon which
my bleeding heart
refuses to beat

Validate thee
Validate me
Validate that tree
Validate he/she
I see
I see
I hear
I listen
I nod
I smile
I gasp
I grimmace
I smirk
I weep
I snicker

I live to see you
You live to see me
I live to say live
I, I
I, I
only in my head–
except I see you
outside of ‘I’
standing there nodding your head
and so
A Be
You can see
and he can see
and she can see
and that’s all I truly need
or you for that matter–
that ultimate paradox
I see I am seen, therefore I be
a reality just out of my reach.
So many thoughts
I reach I grab I hold
wind whistles
branches sashay
luring those thoughts
at least tomorrow’s a new day
to invite hope to stay.


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