Who Knew

When mother asked- who ate the cookies from the jar?
you plead innocence from afar-
If only she knew, it was mischievous leprechauns living under the bar.
Mind of a sleuth
like the great Nancy Drew,
You knew the truth!
Reflecting back on those memories
as an old shrew,
those warning signs
conspicuous as a stiletto shoe.

High school
tidings of renewed cheer,
Coupled with your first sip of Bud Light beer.
Rumors permeated locker rooms loud and clear
Staring down the principal with a sneer.
You weren’t to blame those four years,
It was the other girls-get it straight
you hear?

College offered a new start,
From the high school clique you tore apart.
Joined a sisterhood
swore all your heart,
Never to stray
for the rest of your days.
Hypnotized by enticing persuasions,
They followed you and knew their station,
then one memorable occasion
They noticed something missing
from the equation
shattered your fantasy-
mass invasion.
But you aren’t in the wrong,
Sing that song
Head held high
you are strong.

Why did he leave anyway?
Did he realize his mistake?
Walking out on a girl like you-
-whatever you say
it was all fake
you say, and
more cake
for the taking.

Seasons grow long,
jaded by the spawn,
fancy, must we see
the morning’s dawn?
The mirror don’t lie-
Woke up to a face
you no longer recognize.
Wrinkles and gray hair
how long have they been there?
so you stare.

Where did all the time go?
Blame father time’s sands perhaps?
Blame politics for welfare,
Blame genetics for gray hairs,
Blame the family next door-
Blame the birds who stopped singing.
Blame the sun who weathered your skin.


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