Things I Like

Things I Like

a book in my hands

a pen between my fingertips

overcast afternoons

a good Camacho stick

pubs and taverns

both pink and white Moscato

The Lord of the Rings

ornate cloth tapestries

the history of Henry VIII and his kingdom

learning about anything and everything

the stars

thoughtful rap lyrics

human interaction

observing the human condition

constructing poems from these observations

a hearty deli meat sandwich


learning about the occult

talking to children

a morning cup of coffee

European terrace cafes

reflecting on the person I used to be

existentialist musings on life

learning about the spiritual realm

trying to meditate

white oriental Lilys


Christmas movies

Pulp Fiction

basically any Tarantino flick

fresh cold spring water

apple cinnamon anything

the smell of wet leaves in Autumn

the entire season of Autumn


Christmas Day

tequila albeit I don’t like the morning after

taking vitamins and supplements

believing that taking vitamins and supplements will improve my overall health

meeting new people

making friends

learning from other people

listening to other people’s life stories

having life talks

intellectual, intelligent conversations on meaningful subject matter

laughing at the sheep but pitying them at the same time

being a sheep dog

Times New Roman font

fireworks anytime anywhere

finding real sea glass and not just regular glass on the beach

being the passenger and not the driver

bumpy RyanAir flights

discovering new music

Apple brand electronics (fuck that PC life, Apple fans unite)

telling people that George Orwell turns in his grave

goat cheese and walnut salads

ripe avocados

ripe bananas that are still a little green

when all the traffic lights are green for miles ahead…

alice in wonderland anything

good literary quotes

unique dangly earrings

beautiful and meaningful tattoos

the new car smell

pumpkin everything

quality incense

zen gardens

ponds with waterfalls

Koi fish

cult films

reading interesting articles online

compelling research studies

a juicy pub style cheeseburger

long hikes in the mountains

the sunset

New England

the hustle and bustle of cities

Times Square

Disney movies

deconstructing a literary text

arguing a literary text’s meaning

NOT having access to technology

living in the moment

turning off my phone

recalling the lessons Lucy taught me when I was younger

mental health days


crisp Autumn days

road trips

exploring Europe without an itinerary

dreaming of venturing off to foreign lands

feeling safe and secure

not worrying about money

people watching in malls and airports

making up stories about strangers in my head

knowing that I’m crazy but at least I’m different

being told that I’m one of a kind-much needed validation

deep conversations that go until the wee hours of the morning

the sunrise

going out for breakfast

my Dad

My Brother

a sense of accomplishment

making a difference

helping out a friend

helping out a stranger

petting dogs



those rare occasions that my dog doesn’t bark at everything

putting together outfits with new clothes

shopping when the store’s empty

making someone’s day

getting closer to realizing my purpose with each passing day

nearing Enlightenment

theorizing about the universe and the realm of higher existence

watching Ancient Aliens

the first snowfall

covered bridges


state parks

boat rides on lakes

swimming in lakes

jumping the waves during high tide–

and remembering past lives.


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