A Fool’s Love

A Fool’s Love

“Are you aware of how sick and twisted you are, you heartless bastard?”

He sat motionless for a split second, before firing back, “do you have any idea how fucking crazy you are?”

“I can’t believe you took me here to tell me this, what, you want me to bawl my fucking eyes out in front of the entire goddam town? You really hate me don’t you. I should have listened to my friends when they tried to tell me how much of a fucking jackass you are.”

“You need to calm the fuck down, alright, you’re making a scene.”

“Don’t tell me what to fucking do, you wanted to do this shit here, you pay the goddam price, and I’m gonna be as loud as I fucking want.”

“This really doesn’t need to go down like this Marissa, this is part of our problem in the first place. Everything in life doesn’t need to be a goddam soap opera.”

“It’s not my fault that everyone in my life quits on me!”

“You need to take a good hard look at your life. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Again, you’re refusing to own up to any of the mistakes you’ve made in our relationship. Our issues go both ways, but like usual, you refuse to take any of the blame, it’s all my fucking fault.”

“Yeah, it is all your fucking fault. I’m not the one ending things, this is your decision, so fuck you.”

“I hope you get help someday Marissa, I really do. Because I do care about you, I just can’t take this anymore, I’m sorry, really, I am.”

“You can go to hell.”

“This is really how you’re going to be, really? You can’t be mature about any of this?”

“Delete my number, delete me off Twitter and Facebook. I never want to see you ever again. Have fun fucking all the sluts you want in college, you don’t have to worry about your little baby high school girlfriend ever again.”

“Alright. Sorry it had to end this way, it’s not what I wanted. Please get some help, if not for anyone, for yourself.”

“Have a nice life, you’ll regret this someday, you fool.”

“Goodbye Marissa.”


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