The Fallacy of Humanity

The fallacy of humanity and the qualities that define mankind are central themes encountered throughout John Milton’s classic epic, Paradise Lost. The concept of “free will” and the rejection of “God” as the supreme authority of the universe are examined at length, as well as mankind’s relentless pursuit of knowledge- a thirst that has yet to be quenched to this day. Yet is Satan so different from mankind, for didn’t man choose the pursuit of knowledge over the word of God, as Satan chose ambition over submission? Through a close examination of the text, these questions will be considered, as the concept of “free-will” is deconstructed to answer one central question- was Milton condemning mankind for pursuing knowledge, or was he proving that Adam and Eve’s “fall” was intentional, and that God allowed said transgression to occur in order to free mankind from ignorance and in turn, create the necessary concept of free-will?


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