Miss Jessica Dawn Riley

Miss Jessica Dawn Riley

Oh Miss Jessica Dawn Riley, the hood nicknamed her “Smiley”.

She never had a bad thing to say,

Never once hesitated to drop down and pray,

She never had nothing but a darn good day.

Her momma predicted that folks would be vindictive,

“Best keep on smilin’ the days away baby, everything gon’ be okay”

Just smile them days away, day by day.

Miss Jessica Dawn Riley, universally known as “Smiley,”

She took that nickname to heart,

Folks did nothing but observe from afar.

Never let a boy get her down, insisted she deserved nothing less than a crown,

She inspired many a frown from them boys downtown.

Her face never so much as greeted a frown, not in this town.

Sunshine never seemed quite so profound,

Birdies never seemed to sing quite as loud,

Then when Miss Jessica Dawn Riley was around.

As the circle of fortune eventually comes back around,

One morning Miss Jessica Dawn Riley woke up and found,

Her momma had gone skipped town with the butcher Mr. Brown,

Just up and left the damn town, betraying not a frown,

In a pawnshop wedding gown and Memphis bound,

With that telltale formation of a developing mound.

“But daddy been dead for seven years,” Miss Jessica Dawn Riley said.

Rather than crying and gripping her head, she decided to make do instead,

For she’d promised daddy to keep smiling till’ the day she was cold and dead.

Time inevitably rears it’s ugly head,

Especially toward those with no-one to tuck them into bed,

Some kids have all the luck she said.

Miss Jessica Dawn Riley did all she could,

Yet what does society expect from one so carelessly abandoned in the hood?

Smiles ain’t get you that far when your so hungry you could walk for miles,

Determined to keep on for a little longer while.

The once effortless smile done been strained now for a while,

Miss Jessica Dawn Riley ain’t stumbled upon anything worthwhile,

To inspire that legendary smile.

Innocence is a commodity round these parts,

Rare as a barfly’s wistful Ace of Hearts,

Almost as rare as that commodity called smarts.

Miss President say crack is whack,

Try crack and ya’ll never come back,

Took that from that drug czar rat.

TV preaching anti-drug sermons,

If I stay sober I could end up like that whacked out woman?

Oh hell no- Give me that spoonful of adult Apple Jacks,

First time feels refreshing like an ice cold Magic Hat.

Next hit pulls through the pipe nice and thick,

So good it almost makes you sick,

Third time’s nothing but a pleasant prick so swift,

But she’s as conniving as Caesar’s man Brutus,

Who now enjoys having his dick seared with Satan’s pick,

Would you expect less of ancient Rome’s most legendary prick?

Fourth hit usurps the body quick,

Bend your head down to lick every last bit,

Before you know it your ass is whipped.

Funny how something so small grabbed the ghetto by the balls,

Entire neighborhoods would fall,

Like the serpent you are your charmer always calls,

Strung out addicts OD’ing in malls,

Then came the day Miss Jessica Dawn Riley gave away all her Barbie dolls.

Slap that ass, go on and git them slabs,

I’m gonna put your dumb ass in a body cast.

Come on baby we’ll have a blast.

Cry again and see what happens- he isn’t happy when that pussy ain’t poppin’.

Big papa got bills to pay and sluts to lay,

But if that John’s ass don’t pay,

Ya’ll gonna have one helluva bad day, so don’t delay.

You don’t hit the hay till the day’s final lay,

I don’t care if you gotta stay all day- I didn’t choose this life for you, okay?

Oh Miss Jessica Dawn Riley, why ain’t you smiley?

Why didn’t you listen to them when they said that deadly ice causes nothing but strife?

At least according to Mr. President’s wrinkly old wife.

Come and eat this bowl of fried rice, you look like an anorexic portrait of fright.

Tell me all about your precarious plight.

If you had only listened to your heart, you might’ve seen the light,

Looks like you done caught a fatal case of near-sight.

One day you gave in to that serpent’s beckoning bite,

Eve laughing in her grave with all her might,

Days spent up as you bask in the pit of needles delight.

I can’t bear to see it no more- for me, flight is the only route that is right,

I wait day by day wondering if you’ll ever climb down the devil’s kite.

This mistake gonna cause you a pretty piece of cake.

Biggie’s first rule for all crack slinging estates- never carry all your weight,

Or you’ll end up as dead as every fake tree in Zimbabwe.

I’ll sit here and wait, sorry for I don’t mean to prate,

Just wait, please allow me to explain.

Pray, stay, I assure you everything will be okay.

It’s ‘bout time we plan your escape,

No need to contemplate, just leave it to me- I’ll pick a date,

And for God’s sake gain some weight- you look like goddam wraith.

Come on papi, just hurry and hit it quick, you dumbass trick.

Sick good for nothing low-life pimp,

You wanna know what it’s like to be pistol whipped?

Hand over that cash quick, hurry, this ain’t no drill bitch,

Mama done need her fix, and need it mighty quick.

Who you stupid, bitch? You’ll regret that, stupid dick,

As you stare down the barrell of this 50 caliber nice and slick,

That’s what you get for being a goddam prick,

Fate done made the day’s final pick,

I heard that black hearse today packs deeper than a third-baseman’s lip,

Click- yes, I did indeed blast your useless dick over that foreboding bridge,

Try to catch your ego on the way down to hell and remember- you lost to a chick.

Addiction is one hell of an affliction,

Yeah- I see you cooking rock in the kitchen,

Don’t hide, it’ll only further wound your pride.

Disguised under a baking soda guise,

Everyday contemplating suicide,

Every moment spent in alternative lies,

Wondering if you were abandoned long ago by Father Time,

Sorry to pester you like a goddam fruit fly…

Look me in the eye.

Say your goodbye,

I got a feeling that I might soon die.

Don’t ask me why,

Cut that shit out- good boys don’t cry.

Jessica (“Smiley”) Dawn Riley October 15th, 1962-November 13th, 1991

Nobody ever had a smile that echoed like Mom’s. So bright- so full of life. Good lady that she was, life took her for quite the ride. Try as she might, she never got her shining knight. Tenacious and strong, she still tried with all her might to do what was right. She wanted the best for me, that’s why she sent me away you see. Now that she’s gone the songbirds don’t soar quite as high, and the sun doesn’t seem to shine as bright- changes naked to the eye and ever so slight. Rest in peace Smiley- keep heaven smiling it’s blinding light.

I may have escaped his clutches, but these band-aids are nothing but crutches,

China White did me in for good alright,

Shootin’ up ain’t ever the path to what is good and right.

  An overwhelming craving to score life’s numbing agent,

Malnourished to the point that no hair grows for shaving,

It’s a shame Venus ain’t taking any applications.

Go on be a good boy and eat your raisins,

Promise mommy that someday you’ll earn respectable wages,

Resist the baker’s powdery temptations,

Life is what you make it- take that cookie sheet and bake it.

Chase butterflies around Washington gardens,

Slow down for squirrels as they cautiously beg pardon,

Purchase the biggest Christmas hams,

Watch your son score many grand slams,

Sit on the river bank and watch beavers build dams,

Now take my hand.

Walk elderly ladies down the street- chuckle when they tease you for being so sweet,

Never miss a high school swim meet,

Reward great accomplishments with myriad of treats,

Wiggle the sand in between your feet,

Learn the origins of the world at Crete,

Wrestle waves at Miami Beach,

Most of all, smile at each person you ever meet,

And be kind to all you stop to greet.

You are destined to become something great, it’s just fate,

Learn from my grave mistakes- avoid that bait behind Eden’s pearly gates,

Life is board game, you just have to learn how to play,

Collect your money at Go but don’t linger there and stay,

Now leave me here to lay,

The Big Man requests my smile today,

I mustn’t delay.

Don’t cry little guy,

Wait for my smile to light up the sky,

Darkness approaches and I’ve no choice but to comply,

Don’t strain no tearful reply,

Be strong and smile- don’t let it be shy,

It’s your cue now that the songbirds will rely.

Quiet now lest Grim overhears,

Run along home and past the porch monkey connoisseurs,

Plant your seed alongside the songbirds daring the sun to appear,

All along them ghetto stoop stairs.


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