Today I’m gonna march down to the river

and collect pots o’ silver.

My apologies in advance fah missin’ dinner.

When you told me what was goin’ on

my heart right done jittered to the floor.

But I promise I won’t be bitter

Imma work day and night ta make you better

Cash can fix anything nowadays, can’t it?

Daddy don’t get up-I’ll fix your pillow

Is there a draft or somethin’ why’d you shiver?

I gotta run along now

I promise Daddy, that sifter ain’t gonna sift itself

I ain’t gonna quit until I done turned that river into a sandpit.

Do you see the light yet Daddy?

I reckon it’s near

Your hands are gettin’ colder by the minute

But Imma squeeze your hand tight till’ He Himself appears

Nah daddy give me back that hand-

Keeping it warm is my pleasure.

Hang in there Daddy, be brave-

Nothin’ to fear

Your little girl is here.


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