Who knows what it feels like

to have so many who care.

Some say- “hippie, go fly a kite”

while others simply stare.

This rusty chain is actually tight on this bike,

happiness is the one emotion I’m obliged to bare,

hesitantly waiting for disaster to strike

while seductively sucking a succulent pear

beckoning toward that ominous pike

threatening to snag my freshly washed hair

I know what it feels like.

They tell me I’m one of a kind,

They admire the endless boundaries of my mind,

Each night I pray and implore the universe to send a sign,

The barren meadow that cradles me as I cry-

that meadow where Evil sits down to dine,

Oh how that Temptation shines

down on I

as I kneel in the middle of a crossroad between two tall pines,

agonizing indecision, wondering which path is right.

What would they do if I was gone?

If I had never been born,

gasped as an angel breathed life into my premature lungs,

“Why am I here”- the universal question

that has haunted mankind since the ill fated garden.

I’ve done some good deeds I’m proud of,

Brought light into several lives

whose own lights struggled to shine as bright as mine.

I try- all I can do is try to get by

in this harsh world today.

I often wonder what it feels like

to have no-one.

Nobody to show off an honor roll report card,

Nobody to celebrate your college acceptance letter

Nobody to walk you down that long aisle

Nobody to smooth stray hairs from your face

Nobody to call for relationship advice-

Can any human survive with no-one?

Blessed is a loaded term

yet describes my life.

Live and learn,

Wink at the stars

and wave at the morning sun- and don’t

forget to blow kisses to songbirds before your done.

My heart guides me down the path that is right-

yet which one is it?

Neither- both paths possess qualities both good and bad,

and life is not about stressing over strife,

life is what you make of it,

Love yourself always

and if you love yourself

others will love you in return.

“You’re so crazy” they say,

“One of a kind” they say,

“Best friends” they say,

What do I say?

I’m awesome.


Because I am?


Humility is not my strong suit

why should it be

for anyone who is incredibly


like me.

Woahhh now take it easy, rrrelax fool be cool-

Wait, did you actually think I was SERIOUS???

What the hell am I, some kind of pompous prick?

I need to reevaluate my life decisions I think…


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