Atlas; A Poem


Your mighty task is tough I’m sure,

and I often wonder- why bother?

Secretive stars plead the fifth

projecting their nightly show despite

desperate pleas from this inquisitive young girl.

So please tell the truth,

albeit my interest is naive

but I do truly believe

I just might be

the only being

that’s sympathetic to your daily plight.

The last ears that hear

your cacophonous cries loud and clear,

as alone

you unleash a Niagara of tears

for the forsaken Earth.

Once so near

It defiantly steers clear

from the iron grasp you’ve held dear all these years,

which wanes more and more

with each passing year.

Your stifled sobs threaten to buckle

knees knocking beneath

the weight of a millennium’s fatigue.

Yet the timeless pride prevails

shouldering your burden, to no avail.

Each morning I wake, I hold my breath,

wondering if today will be the day

newspapers announce tidings of our death.

The day that you forget to hoist

Mother Earth up onto your chest,

In which case

six billion souls will rise from bed

gone are the songbirds, and in their stead,

a darkened sky looming overhead

the sun asleep for eternity in bed.

This absent dawn shall cause mighty distress,

every nation crying out in protest

mingling alongside mute songbirds,

as all of the Earth’s creatures

beg humbly for forgiveness-

beg for a “why”

cursing humanity that has taken you for granted

since the dawn of time.

I can see the conflict in your eyes

it’s as transparent as thin ice.

For who else is willing to shoulder such a place

which runs rampant with chaos and sin?

Overrun with creatures who expect.

Please, I just want to understand-

tell me, why

you have yet to abandon your noble post?

Can’t you hear that mother weeping?

An orphaned child’s confused cry?

A city holding it’s breath as fighter jets paint the sky?

Have you gone blind?

Can you see the reflection of the Atlantic in your shoulders of gold?

Have water droplets rolled down onto your forehead

from melting polar ice caps-tell me, are they cold?

Has the planet’s rotation grown slow?

When will it all end-tell me, do you know

When this black hole will fold once and for all?

Did you bear witness to the Great Flood

and if so-how long did the soil turn to mud?

Haven’t you heard of the saying “when in rome” 

I bet you have-

but still you refuse to let go.

Have seen the news today?

The moon just proclaimed

a newfound refusal to glow

he took off 

on a comet with Sally yesterday

and they say that the honeymoon

is about twelve galaxies away.

The Big Dipper and The Milky Way are on strike

and The North Star snuffed out her beacon of light.

Blades of grass refuse to drink

Deflating clouds are beginning to sink.

The seven seas have surrendered

to charismatic loudspeakers

preaching up and down the city streets

as the citizens of across global straits

butter toast with ignorance

and breakfast with hate.

Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims

together share one universal belief.

All claiming knowledge of our Ultimate reality-

centuries ago they met 

with He who is responsible it all,

He bestowed upon them a golden key

the end-all to controversy.

Somehow it was misplaced, almost immediately

the guilty party has yet to claim blame to this day,

a global blunder, where’s Nancy Drew when you need her?

I apologize again for my battery of questions, good Atlas,

I beg you, help me rein in these manic thoughts

so I can sleep in peace for once.

I just want to know why-

Was it worth it?

Were you guilted into this mess?

Or, do you simply find it easier to try-

instead of saying goodbye?


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