An E-mail I’ll Never Send

Dear J.,

Darling, I know you have fabricated an idealized external projection of your demented ego. You are the epitome of “class” in your opinion, there’s no doubt about that. You view yourself as a progressive feminist, forever in service of the Feminist movement. You actually disgust me. Honey, you gotta lose this “image”, because as I am sure Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton turn over in their graves every time you claim to be a “feminist fighter.” You’re an absolute disgrace to the movement, if anything, you’ve probably set us back twenty years or so. woman who sells herself out at sex parties and swinger bars is ANYTHING but “the epitome of class”. Sweetheart- you are the EPITOME of trash.

How heartless can a person be, I mean really? What-was your unquenchable thirst for control a legacy left behind by your previous two FAILED marriages? I feel sorry for you, I truly do. Go ahead- break up a friendship of 20 years. Make a man I considered family to me an acquaintance. You guys arrange to run off and “elope” on my brother’s birthday (aka, your now-husband’s godson). You knew it was his birthday, don’t bullshit me.You are a soulless, heartless, bitter, barren woman.

It takes a very sick and disturbed human being to break up a friendship of twenty years just so you could have complete control, you “dominatrix” freak. You must be quite the “scorned” woman- you must be, judging by your track record. You saw my father as a challenge- a threat. He was the only one who read you- could see right through your facade. You are a sick, evil person. I don’t fall for your little act either. GOOD always can spot EVIL and you know it. You have some major internal issues- you should probably get checked out, because healthy people don’t try to CONTROL their partners. Just a little tidbit I’ve learned from years of health education in school. Just a thought.

Have fun at the country club. Have fun in Vermont. Have fun skiing in Aspen. I just silently wait for the glorious day when MY UNCLE wakes up and realizes the huge mistake he made, marrying such a vicious, sociopathic, dominatrix snake as you are.

After all, GOOD always trumps EVIL in the end…right?


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