Rings That Sprout Wings

As a youth mother used to sternly warn Me to someday find an honest partner to frantically cling, Like some pathetic parasitic flea, With my everything, and dare not dishonor vows in matrimony sworn. Lest someday I stumble upon one those infamous rings that are known to sprout wings, Rings that one day decide to […]

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Remember how it all began, Dust off and try on the gray Nike’s that once daily slapped the sidewalks of Manhattan, Holding tight the cherub’s frame despite cacophonous howls delivered with startling might, Eyes red with defeat scheme their way through rush crowd squinting out an answer to the plight, Waiting round the winding block […]

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White Lady

One line, two line, three line, four Okay one more, then I’m out the door, Damn this white lady done made me poor, Used to watch Daddy chop her up on mirrors at age four, Cussin’ at Momma and calling her a whore, Always complaining that life was nothing but a fuckin’ bore, Yelling at […]

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Universal Themes Are Everywhere…

Take the literary canon for example; the canon is the canon because they deal with universal themes that transcend the human condition. These themes-love, greed, envy, lust, wrath, injustice-transcend generations because the themes themselves command justification through the human experience. People experience love, feel envy, suffer injustice-and validate the literary word which vouches for the […]

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The Transaction of Truth

The notion that’s been tantalizing me of late deals with the mystery of knowledge-of knowing, of the knowledge process itself-a concept that’s been haunting me for years. I used to believe that knowledge in its highest form is that which is gained through personal experience. During and in the aftermath of our time together, I began […]

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It’s A Funny Thing

It’s a funny thing, this thing called life– one minute so much strife another over there the other over here every minute of everywhere tiptoes so you can’t hear; like the sickly-sweet center of a cordial cherry the wait spent waiting begins coagulating all the while spent there instead of near until finally you have […]

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The Conduit

To be a conduit with distinction is the willing extinction of the self as self knows it I asked for a sign and now said sign has driven the stake upon which my bleeding heart refuses to beat Validate thee Validate me Validate that tree Validate he/she I see I see I hear I listen […]

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